Day seven: Exploding games and fun!

On the seventh day of the bike tour, Ben lead us from Newcastle to Darlington. We started surprisingly early in the morning (well, early for us) after we said our goodbyes to Liz and Tony.

We visited shortly the Angel of the North, a huge metallic statue made to remind the economic past of the region as a metal-processing sight.


We had lunch at the lovely Auckland Castle, where we relaxed in the sun and stretched our sore muscles. In addition, we played games with some exploding topics! The first game was called the nuclear circle. We made two circles of people, one smaller and inside the other, with two persons facing each other. Aino and Lilian asked us questions and the person in the smaller circle answered first, after which there was a discussion between the two of them. After a short while, people in the outer circle rotated and the procedure began again. The questions were about nuclear weapons, our experiences in our home countries and how to campaign against them.

The second game was called the position game. Aino and Lilian posed as the two extremes on a line of opinion and the others arranged themselves according to their opinion regarding the questions asked by Aino. For example one questions was: Do you think it likely that a nuclear accident or war might happen in the next five years? Aino was yes at one end of the scale and Lilian was no at the other. Afterwards, the participants talked about why they chose to stand at their point on the scale. It was a great fun and a good way to talk about our opinions and thoughts!


The remaining 16 miles flew by and soon we arrived at the Quaker House in Darlington! Sadly, we lost Judith, who went back to Germany for a wedding, but Fatema and Lilian cooked us a delicious dinner. They used really everything, like they promised to Judith đŸ™‚ Afterwards, we headed out to the Pub for some good conversations.


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