Day six: On to Newcastle!

From Alnwick to Newcastle was the task on our sixth day of the bike tour. After a late start (did I mention how tired everyone is?) and losing some of our people (they took the bus, don´ t worry), we started cycling on hilly paths and through rain and sunshine.

Clement stepped up as our own personal coach an made sure everyone stretched and moved their muscles after cycling. Warm it up!


After a relaxed lunch, we tackled the remaining 35 miles with no other problems than switching out one bike. We have been very lucky this tour to not have more bike problems!

In Newcastle, we met up with Ben, a Medact member and the guy who is going to lead us to York! Only two more days to go!! Liz, a long-term member of Medact, provided us shelter and the most delicious dinner! We are very thankful for the support Medact has been given us on this journey and a special thank you to the people we personally met on the tour.36331293103_d23071cb74_zIMG-20170905-WA0067




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