Day Five: The Breaking point

From Berwick we tackled the hills and miles to Alnwick. During the tour we encountered adventurous kettle, untraveled paths and stopped for every blackberry bush we saw (ok, maybe not every). We had quite a nice lunch close to Bramburgh castle on the beach. Apparently, this massive architectoral beauty is a renovated ruin by some victorian guy, who had much more money than he could ever possibly need.

In the group, we discussed more about the work IPPNW was doing in the countries of the participants and exchanged ideas for activism. We all felt a bit tired after four days of cycling so we were happy when we arrived in Alnwick after making a short break in Craster. (where we saw another castle in ruins. They sure have a lot of them in that region!)

In the evening, we had a quite international dinner with scottish (Haggis!!) and indian dishes.


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